Mattia Corso – violone


Matia Corso

Mattia Corso studied double bass at the Venice Conservatory and early music at the Amsterdam Conservatory, where he specialised in violone and viennese bass under Margaret Urquhart’s tutorship. 

Mattia is a multi-faceted musician, singer, songwriter and producer whose interest spans centuries and genres. He is the founder and lead singer of pop band Karma J, with which he released two albums and toured extensively in Italy and China. Between 2012 and 2014, he composed and produced electronic music for internationally-acclaimed body painter Elena Tagliapietra.

Known for his expressive personality and the passion he emanates, Mattia has been heard playing violone and double bass with modern and baroque orchestras on stages all over Europe since 2007, particularly in Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. He has shared the stage, among others, with Stefano Montanari, Anton Martynov, Lisa Jacobs, Andrea Marcon, Henk van Zonneveld and José Maria Sciutto.

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