“That’s how sweet the pain is”

Love: The ultimate and most beautiful human emotion there is, which connects us all and has the power to drive some to madness. Love is timeless, universal and has always been a rewarding subject for musicians. In the dreamy sounds of the 17th century, it is clear that they longed for that one, unattainable one. Hearts broke and pillows were drenched in tears, because the object of their desire chose someone else or because their particular love was not allowed to exist. The lyrics of that time may as well have been written today, because not much has changed. We just do not always understand the original lyrics of those songs from that time, because they are usually written in old Italian or archaic English or French.

Trio Picolit wants to do something about that. With ZO ZOET IS DE PIJN they make the most beautiful love songs from the 17th century – the best  hits from that time – as accessible as possible to the Dutch public. Not only by connecting them as one love story, with clear translations in the program booklet, poetry as connection and interpretation, but above all – and that is very unique – also with a number of songs that were especially composed for this performance by Earl Christy with the poetic texts by Larissa Verhoeff, city poet of Ede. Contemporary 17th music in Dutch. Songs that wouldn’t look out of place at the time, but that are really from now on. It’s possible. How sweet if you understand exactly which soul pain is being sung about. How music dances and merges with the text. How love dictates and the listener understands and can feel the complete tragic message through its intelligibility. How sweet is that pain? 

Zo zoet is de pijn – written and recited by Larissa Verhoeff
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